Handbag Styles for the Hardworking Ladies

A girl can never have too many accessories, especially handbags. Whether small or big, leather bags have withstood the test of time, and they’re just as trendy now as they were decades ago!

A handbag is your partner in crime for all adventures, as you move from day to night, work to home, and out again. While you’re on the go this summer, you need the perfect bag resting on your shoulder to complete the look.

Here are a few options.

Adele Brown Canvas Sling Bag

It’s durable, functional, and pleasing to the eye. This canvas bag is the ideal accessory for students or busy girls who need to stuff their bag to the brim without losing its shape. Plus, the cream canvas color will pair well with any outfit.

Bexley Embroidery Canvas Tote Bag

Who said working ladies couldn’t play around with their accessories? The Bexley bag is the perfect embodiment of style and usability – the embroidery adds a trendy touch to the ordinary tote bag! However, the embroidery isn’t overdone so that it can be an everyday bag.

Levi Quilted Backpack

If lugging around a handbag on your shoulder isn’t your vibe, you’ll find the Levi backpack quite handy. It’s a great size to hold all your essentials without weighing down your back! This is an excellent accessory for school or university students – back to school but make it fashion.

Stella Puffy Quilt Shoulder Bag

Calling out to all our mature ladies who love carrying a spacious and light shoulder bag, even to work! Look no further than the Stella bag if you’re on the hunt for a classic bag that goes well with every look. It’s a versatile number that will suit a CEO, doctor, or manager! On the side note: the puffy material is also slightly water resistant! 



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