How to Style Backpacks with Your Outfits


Backpacks have always been our most comfortable choice for school, university, or trips to different places. They are easy to carry and hold many things too. But are they in vogue though? The answer is, yes, always! Backpacks never go out of fashion.

It is all about the harmony between the outfit you’ve worn and the backpack. Here are different ways you can carry a backpack with style and be comfortable at the same time.

Go black

Black is a classic, and you can never go wrong with classics! This motto works wonderfully with backpacks too. So if you are doubtful about it, go with a black backpack. When you wear simple jeans and a t-shirt, good quality leather or faux leather black backpack is just the thing you need to complete a chic look. You can also go for this style of the bag if you are going with a dressier outfit and add a bit of glam to your day.

If you want to add a bit more dazzling chemistry to your outfit, pair it with a backpack that has more detail and complexity in its design. You can pick textures if that suit your style. But remember to go for smaller backpacks if you are choosing complex designs.

Designer backpacks

Who doesn’t love designer bags? You can pair all sorts of outfits with these because they are usually versatile, and that is what makes them so appealing. You can wear one as a cross-body, sling it on one shoulder, or wear it as a regular backpack. You will look glamorous either way!

Hold it like a purse

One chic way of carrying a backpack is holding it like a regular bag or purse in your hand. It can sound odd if you haven’t seen fashion models and celebrities doing it. But trust us, it looks very cool! This style is meant for fall/winter outfits that include long coats, and wearing a backpack on the shoulder is not too comfortable.