Introducing the new LISA double bag!

We’re proud to introduce to you the newest member of Willowy’s bag collections – the Lisa double bag.

You read that right, the double bag consists of a smaller chain pouch and a bigger sling bag, each detachable from the other.

So really, you’re getting three bags in one; each suitable for a different occasion, look, and style. This style is perfect for all you indecisive people who can’t seem to decide which size works better – now you’ve got both!  Plus, if you wear them attached, think of all the extra storage you’re getting. You can finally fit in that wallet or your big wad of house keys!

Crafter from premium PU leather, the Lisa won’t disappoint you in its versatility and usability. A modern accessory for the modern girl, we’ve made sure to include an extensive color palette featuring some delicious pastel shades to match your summer palette this year.

We’d recommend this bag to our younger audience, ranging from late teens to early thirties, it’s a clean silhouette with soft edges that isn’t too overbearing for everyday use. It looks super chic worn cross-body with an oversized sweatshirt or on your shoulder as you head to work in a crisp blazer.

If you need a no-brainer bag that will match any of your outfits, fit the right amount of items, and keep its shape despite the wear and tear, Lisa is the one for you! It’s created to last.

It’s the perfect transitional bag to take you from day to night, it can work as an everyday essential to a party statement! 


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