The best bag to getting back with life after Phase 2!

As we return to our daily commute, it is time to start prepping your to-go bag!
Weather you will be going to work or stroll into school, shuffling from malls and classrooms. You need to have the right bag to fit all your necessities! 
We've got something for any occasion to help you get back to it!
Here are our top 3 choices of bags to help you ease back into the world~
More colours to choose from!
The widely popular staple bag due to its cute minimalist design and practical design. The bag's wide base allows one to fit all oddly shaped necessities such as water bottle, umbrella etc!
More colours to choose from~
For ladies going back to the office! This is a classy and spacious hand tote bag that is suitable for all your casual to formal occasion. Be it matching with a dress or jeans, this bag is bond to brighten up you fashion style!
More colours to choose from~
Ready to head back into your daily cafe hopping and mall shopping without "too-much-to-carry" ? This is the perfect casual day out bag! Light, trendy and classy. Super sturdy for heading out on the weekends with the bold buckle and classy shape to complement your outfit.