The New Trendy Bag in Town – Willowy's Estee Women Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Bags are not just a functional item in your wardrobe; they are a style statement. The fashion industry always pulls out new designs to keep the spark alive and add personality to your look. While we all love experimenting, some classic designs never go out of fashion. Such as the tote. But that tote can be exciting by tweaking a few things and transforming the look. That is what the fashion icons did to create The Drawstring bag. 

What is the drawstring bag?

The drawstring back is an upgrade to your regular tote. The Willowy's Estee Drawstring bag is meant to dangle on your shoulder when you step out for the day. This bag has a leather string on top that draws to create a look like a bucket. The bag is stylish and trendy and is a modern version of the old-fashioned bucket bag. 

Willowy's Estee Women Grey Drawstring Shoulder Bag

At Willowy's, we want fashionistas to rock their wardrobe with drawstring bags. Our version comes in two gorgeous pastel shades. The cloudy grey is a versatile and elegant piece that will add a stylish element to your everyday look.

The other is a dusty pink which elevates your look by adding just enough colour. This bag is elegant and functional. You can put in all your everyday essentials in this chic accessory and rock the day. We bet you will be complimented for this bag every time you step out with it!

Why do you need the Willowy's Drawstring bag?

It's light on the pocket

This chic bag won't hurt your budget. The drawstring bag comes at an affordable price while giving you a fine finish. The bag is made with the finest vegan leather and is meant to last a long time. You can also pay for it using our instalment package and rock your looks while managing your money!

It holds everything!

This bag looks petite, but it can hold all your basics. It has an inner slot compartment where you can put all the big things like a notebook, charger etc. there is also another zip compartment to keep your valuables from missing. Put your wallet, phone and keys and worry no more about misplacing them. The bag also has a magnetic button on top for extra safety.

It's eco friendly

The Willowy's Estee drawstring bag is made with vegan leather. This makes it perfect for people who are conscious about their choices and want to avoid animal leather.

It's versatile

This tote cum bucket bag is elegant and versatile. You can carry it anywhere, from work meetings to running daily errands. The bag can be paired with a shirt and pants or a dress, making you look sophisticated. Although primarily for everyday use, you can also experiment and pull off an evening look with the drawstring bag. 

The drawstring bag is the new 'it bag', and adding it to your collection will elevate your look and add a personality to your wardrobe. Wait no more, and add this gorgeous bag to your cart now!



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