Willowy's Collection Launch! - The Spacious All-Rounder For All Seasons

This season we came together to give you the most versatile, durable, stylish staple bag! Willowy's spent their time designing crafting and personally manufacturing a bag that would be the perfect fit for all seasons.

Ruth Canvas Tote Bag - Casual Sophistication

This bag is crafted with a white canvas cloth and embellished with Willowy's own signature design in simple black ink. Two grooves on the sides of the design, hold the wonderful silhouette together.


The two handles on the bag are the cherry on the top of the ice cream. One handle has a golden chain that adds that necessary element of glam, while the other brown coloured strap brings the whole look together in an effortlessly chic way with its contrast. Willowy's canvas bag mixes casual with elegance.


Fit For All Purposes

When we say space at Willowy's, we mean it! This bag holds space for all of your days. It can keep all of your essentials, your keys, sunglasses, makeup and wallet.

This classic bag can even fit your groceries. If you are looking to reduce your ecological footprint on this planet, know that we’ve made this bag multipurpose so you can get the most use out of it. It can fit your office notes, a book, or beach towel, and it is always ready to be travelled with.

Valuable Addition to Your Wardrobe

This neutral piece is a must-have that can be paired up with anything. Do you want to dress down or up? The white canvas with the glinting gold chain and wooden strap will pair up with any colour with great style. You will not even have to think twice while grabbing it on your way, even on a semi-formal day!

It is crafted to give you the best stylish, sophisticated and useful companion for all your days.



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