You can literally "LET IT GO"!

Picture this; You are out shopping and your bag's only option of carrying is by arm, you are making a purchase and receiving your purchase at the same time while slotting your wallet back into your bag and the queue behind is waiting... At this moment you would be thinking, if your bag has a crossbody sling you could speed this process up a little...
If you are someone who prefers to be hands-free wherever you go, a bag with crossbody sling option might be something you will always be looking out for when purchasing a new bag! 
Most bags nowadays are engineered with 2 way of usage such as a crossbody sling and a handbag at the same time!
Below are 3 new picks for your next bagging consideration!


1. Tweed Pink double chain bag

more colours available~

This double chain bag works as a shoulder or crossbody bag! easing that access and the need to be in a hands-free situation!

2. Heart quilted top flap bag

more colours available~

If you need something classy at the same time, this is definitely our top editor's pick!


3. Quilted chain backpack

Available in 2 sizes~

Literally LET IT GO! 

hands-free all day while balancing the weight of your belongings during your day out on both shoulders instead of one! The classy design allows almost any outfit to fit with ease!