Editor's Pick! - 5 types of Canvas bags


Canvas bags are not limited to groceries anymore. These sturdy bags add a pop to your wardrobe while holding all the essentials. The canvas tote usually takes the limelight for being spacious and versatile. But there are many different types of canvas bags that you can add to your collection and accessorize for different looks. 

Here are our top favorite types of canvas bags and how you can style them.


Adele women black canvas 2-way tote bag – The ultimate classic

Tote bags are a fan favorite and have been popular for decades. This bag is humungous and can store anything from your laptop and notebooks to gym supplies! The Adele bag comes in a black greyish exterior which doesn't get dirty quickly; hence perfect for low-maintenance ladies. It also has a golden knob in the front, transforming this bag into a functional and fashionable accessory. The Adele tote is perfect for daily use. Dump in your wallet, keys, water bottle and all the essentials, and you are ready to do anything and everything!

Annie Women Canvas Double Chain Bag – Functional yet Sophisticated

Every wardrobe is incomplete without a crossbody bag. The Annie Crossbody bag comes with a double chain strap which can be taken as a crossbody or a sling based on your preference. Although your regular chain bags may be limited to evening dinners and formal wear, this one has a denim body, making it perfect for all uses. The bag is spacious and can carry all essentials you need when leaving the house. 

Antoinette Women Canvas Mix Shoulder Sling Bag – the on-the-go bag

If you are not a fan of crossbody, sling canvas bags are perfect for you. The Antoinette mix shoulder sling is versatile and is made to bear heavy use. You can wear this bag across your back, front or over the hip. This bag is for everyone, whether you are a mom who wants to have the basics, a student who wants to keep their id cards or a businesswoman who is looking for a functional bag to run errands. This piece is also available in 4 different colours!

Audrey Women Canvas Bucket Bag – Bold and Quirky

If you want to add a unique yet trendy item to your bag collection, go for a bucket bag. Audrey canvas is a perfect bucket bag if you are eco-conscious yet want to make a statement. This bag is modern and can be paired with different looks. You can make it an everyday bag because it is a bucket with so much space! It also works well for casual lunches and meetups because it elevates your whole look while carrying all the basics! 

Lilly Women Canvas Floral Watercolour Print Tote Bag – bag with a personality

Printed bags are fresh and bold and add a pop to your look. The Lilly women's floral tote has an aesthetic watercolor print which is perfect for outdoor lunches and parties. The bag has a pearl strap apart from the regular handle, which is a real game changer. It gives a formal and elegant look making it ideal for formal dinners by pairing it with a dress. 

These are some of our favorite canvas bags that will take your look up a notch. Browse our collection for more styles, and we assure you will find something to suit your taste!



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