Find the Right Material to Invest In your next bag!

Bags come in all shapes, styles, and colors, but most importantly, materials! Each comes with a set of pros, cons, and suitability for various users, from synthetic fabrics to leather goods.

The longevity and look of your bag are dependent on the material you choose, so be wise with your decision! Here are a few quick pointers to keep in mind while you shop.

Here are a few key points that you might want to reference to for your next bag!

Polyurethane Leather (PU)

While it looks and almost feels like genuine leather, PU leather is a vegan option for bag lovers! It’s a sustainable option for accessories, yet it performs the same way as regular leather. Even though the bag does not last you forever, it’ll last a decent time with regular use!

Calf Leather

This leather is a valuable and high-quality material, created from calf skin, notorious for its lux feel and exquisite scent. It’s the perfect material for intricately designed bags that can slowly become your staple accessory!

Lamb Skin

Like calf leather, lamb skin is a much softer, light weight and buttery texture. It’s great for larger size bags since it won’t weigh your shoulders down or be a hassle to carry around! The smooth qualities of this leather make it more expensive and luxurious than other materials.


A classic yet timeless material, tweed screams elegance without overdoing the vintage element. It’s a woven woollen fabric, usually in multi-colored yarn or a herringbone pattern. The diversity and detail of this material help it seamlessly transition into a quality bag!


Finally, we have the most used and highly loved – canvas! It’s a low maintenance material that can easily be rewashed and reused without ruining the bag's integrity. Canvas bags are great for general use, from students to a mom on the go!


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