The red bag fashion resolution for year 2021

New Year is around the corner, and most of us are about to enter it, heartbroken and fed-up due to Covid-19. Economic, business, transport, and fashion were among the industries that took a heavy toll in 2020. D

Despite all the frustrations, we should welcome the New Year with a list of some of the best fashion resolutions. Try something new for a change!


Antoinette in PU Leather Wide base 2-way bag (New series)

Antoinette in PU Leather Wide base 2-way bag (New series)

Trying a bold trend

2020 was enough of a shocker to confine people within their limits; hardly any innovation in the fashion industry took place. But we are definitely going to entertain this New Year a bit differently. This year you must focus on some of the bold fashion trends out there and try them on. It will take a little courage and determination on your part, but you will definitely feel amazed about yourself and the bold steps you started your New Year with once you are done with it.

Laura Sandals

Wearing more color

While it might sound a little squeamish for coy people to start their new year with this exact resolution, we at The Red Bag will definitely try it out. Quit going out wearing the same color, whether it be your dress, bag, or other essentials. You must try out different things in this regard and be a little firm with this approach, especially when you feel like going back to your old and pesky all-black-wear format. Try to be a bit optimistic and welcoming to different colors around you.

Camille Genuine Calf Leather hobo shoulder bag

Camille Genuine Calf Leather hobo shoulder bag


Buying a completely new range of products

It might do you some good if you are willing to kick start the New Year with an entirely new and unique product line. The Red Bag can effectively provide you with the right kind of bag related products and other essentials for you.

You might be surprised by the thriving quality and lush amount of designs that we have at The Red Bag. The same goes for other products that you use in your daily life; if you can look for a much better and promising brand in aspects of bringing a new variety of products to life, it would turn out to be an incredible New Year resolution for you. 


Change Your Style Statement

If you think you are dressing the same way for years, it is time to change your style statement. If you only wore flat shoes, it is time to try the heels on. If you are carrying small-sized bags, it's time to try on enormous bags or vice versa. You can change your style statement by getting out of your comfort zone. Try on new combinations and new styles that you haven’t tried before. It will be a classic fashion resolution that should be taken up every year. But if you didn't take it seriously ever, then now is your chance to do so!