Bags with style and security!

We all obviously want our bags to look great, a bag that is room with a zip that keeps your things secure!
A bag that will completely close and ensure your essentials are safe is top the on the top priority list! Especially when we are rushing and squeezing on the MRT where everyone is knocking onto your bag beside you.
You really want to avoid dropping anything out of the bag!
But that doesn’t mean your bag has to be all function and no style, here are our top 3 picks for bags with zips for every occasion, giving you style with security. 
Simple and sure to match everything, a tote bag is the best tote bag to-go when you’ve got a lot to carry with a peace of mind1
Chic, roomy and also secure with a full top zip. Roomy enough to fit your belongings and having the top zip keeping your belongings SAFE!
more colours to choose from~
two colours to choose from~
more colours to choose from~