Meet the New and Improved Stella Bag at Willowy's

If you're familiar with our well-loved and worn Stella bag, you're in for a treat today! Shedding some weight and adding a bolder and wider color palette, we present you Stella 2.0.

The material is the major difference between the original version and the latest piece. We've been following the latest trends and seeing the bags our clients gravitate towards. Our original Stella bag uses puffy PU leather that looks great as a statement piece.

However, we noticed how much everyone loved the classic silhouette, size, and easy flap closure of the bag and decided to introduce a sleeker regular PU leather version! Stella 2.0 features all the neutral tones trending this summer season, with pops of color thrown into the mix.

Bright accessories are great, but we're unsure how timeless they may be. Our latest bag features a colorful palette that stays within the realm of pastel tones to save you the hassle of buying trendy pieces that are easily replacable. These shades aren't too in your face, and you're less likely to get sick of them, too!

When it comes to styling our beloved Stella bag, whether the older or younger sister, we've given you two options – the thick leather strap or the chain. Depending on your mood, occasion, or outfit, you can easily remove either one.

Stella is a classic bag that can make room in your wardrobe for years to come, accompanying you from meetings to formal dinners and shopping runs.

It's the perfect accessory to make you look put together, elegant, and in charge without being overbearing – it'll fit right into a girl's closet of any age!

So, what's the wait? Check out our new products and some interesting new colorways that could work for your unique taste.


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