Top 5 Handbag Trends for Summer 2021

Summer is around the corner, and it's time to get out of your sweats and show off your cute clothes and accessories.

Talking of clothes, everyone has a personal style, but when we talk about accessories like handbags, you need to know certain trends.


Today, from cute yet popping handbag colors to the handbag shape, we will reveal the top 5 handbag trends for summer 2021. If you are not into trends, it is still important to at least know what is in fashion as an excuse to buy new adorable accessory items. So, without delaying it anymore, let's get into it.


Big Tote Bags

Milan tote bag


It is an understood fact that Tote bags always stay in trend regardless of the fashion season as they are the classics and basic handbags that everyone should have in their closet. If you are into fashion, you must know that tote bags are mostly in plain colors that cut off the extra colorful dresses in summers and add a neutral tone to them. And that makes the complete outfit look super appealing and classy. And tote bags are also spacious, so you can easily keep all your essentials, including a water bottle, inside them.


Artsy Colored Bags

Gabriel in ombre orange


Why not add a bursting pop of color to your outfit this summer and leave an imprint wherever you go? Most women carry a beige or black bag as it is a safe option and goes with multiple clothing items. But summer 2021 is demanding you to be more fun and riskier with your handbag choices as the colorful bags are super in trend. You can contrast your handbag color with your outfit or your jewellery and make it look like a statement piece that everyone will desire. You can try Gabriel bags in ombre orange or sunshine yellow colors and add the summer magic to your wardrobe.


Clutch Sling Bags       

Gracie dumpling bag

Top models like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are often seen carrying a dumpling-shaped clutch sling bag with their million-dollar outfits. And as we know what celebrities wear become a huge fashion trend in no time. Now we understand that you don’t want to spend thousand of dollars on just a handbag that’s why we suggest you buy Gracie dumpling clutch sling handbags. That will you look can have a trendy piece without getting bankrupted.


Basket Bags

Zi eyelet basket bag


You don’t need a basket on picnics this summer; instead, you can take a basket bag with you. Basket bags are super in trend, and that’s because they make you look like a fashionista and are great from a practical point of view as well. They are super spacious and can even have your baggage; that’s why they are called basket bags. You can use them for everyday use and brunch parties with your friends.


Bags with Chains


Gabriel Black


If you want your handbag to look instantly pricey and classy, you only have to change the regular straps with the chain ones. And maybe that’s the reason that the bags with chain straps are so in trend this summer. You can be more experimental and fearless while carrying a nag with chain straps because they don’t break that easily. And we all love a bag that serves the purpose of both fashion and practicality. While choosing a chain-strapped bag, make sure the material of the bag’s body is full leather; it will make you look more chic, sleek, and pricey.


Here we would like to conclude our article on the top 5 handbag trends for summer 2021. And we hope that you have got the fashion inspiration you needed to make your wardrobe look more bling and fun.


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